Phantom Galleries Opening – Popup Show during Ted Conference.

So we had the opening at Phantom Galleries in Long Beach Saturday the 9th.  It went very well, so many great people showed up.  Though as always we would have liked more.  We are going to do screenings throughout the month so contact us if you want to set up a screening for a group of your own. We would like to thank everybody that came out to support us. Phantom Galleries is an amazing concept that I highly recommend people check out.

Many of those who came have been waiting for this film to be screened for nearly 2 years.  It has been an amazing process to shoot and edit this piece and we are quite proud of it an excited for more people to be able to have access to it. Having the opportunity to show it in LA so soon after its completion as been amazing. We were lucky enough to have Drew McIntosh in town as well.  By pure coincidence Drew flew in the week prior and was able to change his ticket. Sadly Robert Lutener couldn’t make it othrewise the trio would have been reunited. For Drew and Robert this was their LA Debut, very exciting.

Keep an eye out for more screenings and content coming soon.

Thanks again to all who came and supported us.


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